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Attorney Tony Diaz in the News!
Original Source: by Arezow Doost, KXAN

Austin Immigrant Families Anxious After Nation Elects Donald Trump

Original Source: by Arezow Doost, KXAN

Valedictorian, UT Freshman Behind Viral Tweet Fears Deportation

Original Source by: Leslie Rangel, KXAN

“It doesn’t look good, Donald Trump wishes to sign that order that cancels what our government has promised them, he can do it,” Tony Diaz, an immigration attorney says.

New questions in rape case tied to man held for illegal entry to U.S.

Original Source by: Kevin Schwaller, KXAN

Attorney remembers ‘never public’ DNA from Yogurt Shop murders

Original Source by: Chris Sadeghi, KXAN

Video attorney

(Photo by Jana Birchum)

Michael Scott, right, with wife Jeannine, takes in his newfound freedom after he was released from jail June 24. Defense attorney Tony Diaz talks to reporters.

Man says he was hit from behind inside Hawaiian Falls waterslide, files lawsuit

Original Source by: Adam Hammons, CBS Austin

Diaz said Castrejon doesn’t have a Social Security number, but is in the process of getting citizenship. He says either way, the number shouldn’t matter.

“They not just discriminate you person, they discriminate a whole race and made you feel down, but you’re not down,” Castrejon said.