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Mediation FAQs

Is mediation affordable?

Mediation is affordable because it can eliminate costs and expenses of litigation. For example, a litigant can easily spend $30,000 in one day of jury trial and not know if the jury will decide in their favor. On the other hand, in mediation, each side pays their mediator’s fee and are certain of the outcome when they settle.

How long does mediation take?

As long as you need it to take. The minimum length of a mediation is two hours.

Who can attend the mediation?

The litigants and anybody the litigants wish to bring, as long as all parties are in agreement.

Do I have to be in the same room as the opposing party?

We can accommodate the parties in separate rooms if requested.

Is mediation legally binding?

Yes. Once the mediated settlement agreement is signed by the parties, the agreement is enforceable.

Is the mediator like a judge?

A mediator typically doesn’t have authority to make a decision without the approval of both parties, whereas a judge can make decisions you may not agree with.

Is mediation confidential?

In preparing for mediation, attorneys explain to clients that mediation is confidential. “These are settlement discussions and cannot be disclosed in court,” attorneys tell their clients. The mediation privilege is a rule that prevents the confidential communications of mediation from being submitted in court.

Can we mediate if a lawsuit is filed?

Parties can mediate disputes before and after a lawsuit has been filed.