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Navigating Real Estate Issues With Mediation

Buying a new home is an exciting time in your life. The future looks bright, and you are excited about all the possibilities of your new property. What many new home buyers do not expect is something going wrong right away – especially after a thorough inspection of the home was completed.

Sellers can make honest mistakes – or be evasive – when they disclose issues about a home. They may not have revealed how serious a problem is or may have left out important details that would have changed your mind on purchasing the house.

Are You Facing These Real Estate Issues?

When your property or real estate causes a civil dispute, it can take time and money to find a fair resolution. At Longhorn Mediation Center, LLC, we have over 30 years of experience working with clients who sought mediation to solve their disputes. Our attorneys aim to save you time and money while finding a win-win solution for everyone involved.

We can help mediate between two or more parties that are facing real estate disputes regarding issues such as:

  • Property damage or issues that were not revealed
  • Improper inspections of a new home
  • Landlord-tenant disputes
  • Conflicts with neighbors, such as property borders
  • Business real estate conflicts
  • Problems while the property is in escrow
  • Housing deposit issues
  • Housing deals that fall through

We see many Austin real estate owners jump right to litigation when they have a conflict. While litigation can be helpful in some circumstances, it can take time and money to come to a judge-decided resolution. Often neither party ends up happy by the end.

Our Approach To Mediation | 512-980-0885

Our bilingual, experienced mediation lawyers work as a seamless third party to help both sides talk through the conflict. We offer an unbiased, skilled and compassionate ear to resolve your disagreement. Mediation services can keep your conflict private – and keep the end solution in your hands.

Interested parties can reach out to us at our office in Austin, Texas. Contact us via online form or call today at 512-980-0885. We look forward to discussing how we can help resolve your real estate conflict through mediation.