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DWI Charges Have An Effect On Immigration

Being charged with drunk driving can be a deportable offense, and it can lead to a variety of complications for Texas immigrants. While it may seem straightforward to accept DWI charges and the subsequent penalties, this can harm your future and the immigration consequences could lead to loss of your DACA status and even deportation.

At The Díaz Firm, PLLC, we understand that infractions on your record can negatively affect your job, family life and immigration status. Our attorney’s approach to criminal charges, such as driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, is to aggressively represent your case. We will gather the facts, review the evidence, ensure all of your rights were preserved and help you make the best choices to resolve your case.

Immigration Issues From DWI Charges

Most DWI offenses will result in losing your license for a set amount of time. If you are a non-citizen or are in the process of applying for immigration to the U.S., having any criminal charges on your record can also negatively affect your future. A DWI conviction could:

  • Make it hard to get affordable immigration bonds if ICE detains you
  • Create complications when applying for discretionary deportation relief
  • Influence the courts toward elevating the crime to one involving moral turpitude
  • Disqualify undocumented residents from ICE prosecutor discretion
  • Create a level of inadmissibility for non-citizens, which is especially true if there are repeat DWI offenses or immigration legislature changes in the future
  • Cause the loss of DACA status

You Are Not Alone | We Help Every Step Of The Way

At The Díaz Firm, PLLC, we never let our clients face the criminal system alone. We understand the process can be complicated – especially with language barriers and unfamiliar legal terminology. Our entire team of lawyers is bilingual, and we offer Spanish language translation. We will assist with:

  • Investigating evidence
  • Reviewing the charges and arrest process
  • Filing necessary forms
  • Upcoming court appearances
  • Fighting to mitigate penalties
  • Handling tasks related to license revocation and suspension

Call The Díaz Firm, PLLC, at 512-980-0885 for a legal consultation or request a meeting at our Austin office.