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Violent Crime Allegations Need Strong Defense

If you are accused of a violent crime, everything may be at stake. Conviction of any violent criminal charges can negatively affect your reputation, job, family life and even your ability to apply for citizenship. It could also get you deported.

The skilled attorneys at The Díaz Firm, PLLC, know what is at stake when clients face domestic violence or assault charges. With 26 years of experience defending clients, we also understand the strategies involved in disproving these types of allegations.

Our Approach To Client Cases

For non-citizen Texas residents, being convicted of family abuse, family violence or assault can result in deportation as a punishment. However, the specific circumstances surrounding your case can make a world of difference. When our attorneys review the details of your case, we can help you understand what you may be facing.

Penalties for violent crimes can include:

  • Felony charges that result in time spent in a state prison
  • Misdemeanor charges that result in jail time
  • Protective orders placed against you
  • Hefty fines and victim retribution
  • Deportation

How We Can Help Your Case | Call 512-980-0885

Vigorous defense of your case is at the forefront of preserving your immigration status and livelihood. In Texas, any conviction on charges of violence will trigger flags on your immigration status and deportation proceedings. When you are facing such serious consequences, you need a team of lawyers on your side to level the playing field.

Call The Díaz Firm, PLLC, at 512-980-0885 to discuss the crime of violence you are being charged with. We offer free consultations at our Austin office location. You may also schedule your consultation via our online form.