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Attorney Tony Diaz Interviewed on the News

A breaking news story was recently aired on KEYE TV News over a protest that occurred in Downtown Austin Texas. The protestors are now behind bars for charges of criminal trespassing and the immigration debate continues to heat up. So far six people have been arrested for protesting outside the courthouse but people are saying this is just the beginning of a much larger immigration rights campaign. The overall issue is this debate is the overwhelming number of people who are living here in the U.S. illegally. In the Unites States there is an estimated 12 million people and in Texas alone there are nearly two million illegal immigrants.

People who are living here illegally can either be deported or forced to pay a fine of $2,000 or more. However, many cannot afford this penalties and enforcing fines in addition with other charges can easily become a heavy financial burden. It is still uncertain what the exact fines will be, but immigration attorneys have already started encouraging their clients to start saving up for it.

Our lead Attorney Tony Diaz, is a trusted Austin immigration lawyer and his expert opinion was sought on the matter.

When asked, Mr. Diaz replied with, "When they hear the word penalty they think of punishment, and the word punishment tends to frighten folks away." He also added that young immigrants are afraid to lose everything that they have built and worked so hard for, so even if they do qualify for the Dreamers Act they are not stepping forward. He continued with, "It's not a very difficult process. But getting the folks to register has been very difficult. And there are still between half a million and a million out there that can apply. But money is a factor."

On another note, the President has also stated that he is open to considering whatever immigration reform Congress wants to pass but he prefers to not include a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants. If you are facing a serious immigration issue such as deportation or you are look to seek citizenship, speak with Austin immigration lawyer Tony Diaz from The Diaz Firm, PLLC.

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